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Comuna represents the unique spirit of Buenos Aires and Argentina. Buenos Aires has 15 comunas (districts) with different stories to tell and experiences to live. Discover and share your own story.


Comuna No. 3 is considered the birthplace of tango in the 1890s. Today is the place where passions and music embrace to create stories.

Comuna No. 3 is made up of two neighborhoods: Balvanera and San Cristobal. The most important milongas (Tango ballrooms) are located in the area. It was here that the world’s finest Tango singer Carlos Gardel lived much of his life.

Tango illustrates the Argentine psyche and is every bit the embodiment of a way of being. Comuna No. 3 still vibrates the Tango culture, the original and the modern beat. The new generation brings rock and electronic that coexists with the classic across the streets of Buenos Aires.

N 3

Serving temperature

10° to 12° C

Food Pairing

Semi-hard cheeses, grilled vegetables, steak, semi-dark chocolate.


This Malbec has a deep violet colour and offers concentrated aromas of plums and black cherries with a touch of sweet spices. It has a velvety smooth texture and a soft lingering finish.


Perfumed and aromatic Pinot Grigio with notes of apricot, white peach and chamomile. Very elegant with a bright and crisp finish.

Serving temperature

6° to 8° C

Food Pairing

Fresh and simple salads, sushi, seafood, pasta with light sauces.

Serving temperature

10° to 12°C

Food Pairing

Grilled meats and vegetables, ribs, spicy food.


This blend has a deep red color and aromas of berries and black pepper. Is very soft, easy to drink with a fruity finish.


This blend offers the tropical fruit, peach, banana and pineapple from Chardonnay along with chamomile and white flowers of the Pinot Grigio. A wine with a fresh and crispy finish.

Serving temperature

6° to 8°C

Food Pairing

Seafood, shellfish, pasta with creamy sauces and light salads.

Serving temperature

6° to 8°C

Food Pairing

Sweet and salty salads, bruschettas, seafood and sushi.


This Rosé offers intense aromas of fresh red berries, with concentrated cherry fruit and a hint of melon. A beautifully balanced wine with crisp acidity and a lively finish.


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